Aura color personality test

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They should be able to see, touch, hear or smell. No Color Category 3 1. They want to discover their own physical limitations and then let them go. I have this 'devil-may-care' attitude towards life that often gets me into trouble. It is important for them to live in close proximity to forest, park or near a lake or ocean. No Color Category 2 1. Black individuals love to give advice and to tell other people what to do. Their main motivations are satisfaction and harmony. The only way to achieve balance and harmony is to try to balance these own internal forces.

Aura color personality test

In most of the time, they say exactly what they think. They tend to be obsessive with their views and behavior and can easily offend or hurt others. Find the results at the bottom of the page. Whatever you imagine is possible and real. If red individuals find a positive use of their physical and emotional energy they will become very strong and would be able to pursue their dreams. They are communicative, organized, ambitious and love to surround themselves with other people, wealth, and luxury. Every aura has a distinct color of its own that reveals your personality. Often blame others for their own problems and disappointments. Thanks to their strong mind, relaxation is often a good way to release the physical and mental tension. They have an internal understanding of the natural cycles and laws of life. They are perfectionists and have high expectations. I am easily bored and jump from one thing to other. Color Category 1 1. Their minds are functioning without any restrictions. Red Aura Red personalities take pleasure in expressing themselves through their sexuality and physical body. While it is easy to see other people's auras, it is difficult to see your own, let one understanding its significance. What Color is Your Aura? We often hear people say things like she has a positive aura or he has a mysterious aura; but what exactly is this 'aura'? They become aggressive, impatient and judgmental. Black individuals love to give advice and to tell other people what to do. More about pink aura people… 8. Blue individuals are the most emotional of all the colorful personalities. I don't pick up infections easily and enjoy a robust health that helps me in physical activities. They think they know everything better and really often they do. The motivation of people in orange is based on how much pleasure and satisfaction they receive from their own adventures and creative projects. If they want something, they want it immediately.

Aura color personality test

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