Best scary movies to watch with a girl

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How about surviving a night in a mansion haunted by murder victims and owned by a psychotic millionaire? Even as things stand now, The Blair Witch Project is a fantastic, truly eerie film. Thankfully, Jug Face is one of those movies. Remember how just absolutely great in every possible way it was? That dodgy haircut on Tarantino. That epic travel blog they were planning is going to be supernaturally epic. Afflicted One of the better recent found-footage efforts takes a ghastly turn when one of the filmmakers wakes up foaming at the mouth with his eyeballs rolling back in their sockets.

Best scary movies to watch with a girl

Updated for September Amazon Prime's selection of horror movies is as extensive as it is terrifying. Back in the late '90s, we weren't as immune to Internet hype as we are now and it would have been much easier to suspend one's disbelief for this: If possible, however, cut the WiFi in your house for a week, pretend you're in , dim the lights and watch it again. The dark magic of Sidney Hayers' thriller which is also known as Night of The Eagle still bewitches us decades later with voodoo dolls, hypnotic spells and lightning no earthly force could have conjured. But what if your father was Bill Paxton and one day emerged from his barn with an axe and told you and your brother that angels had given him a list of demons on Earth masquerading as human beings? Watch Burn, Witch, Burn! When Count Orlock comes to Berlin, he brings rivers of rats with him and the most repellent visage ever presented by a cinematic bloodsucker. Murnau plays with shadow and light to create an intoxicating environment of fever dream repressions. Frailty is near-perfect psychological horror as it confronts two of our biggest fears: The screenplay was co-written by the great Richard Matheson. The fact that this tale is based albeit loosely on a true story of a year-old freshman just ramps up the creepiness. This post is updated monthly. The film takes place in , during the English Civil War. Jennifer Lawrence stars as When Jenny visits her archaeologist father in Italy, long-drowned secrets start bubbling to the surface. Many other movies have tried to capture the feelings of isolation and terror that Invasion of the Body Snatchers instills but very few of them are able to capture the terrifying totality of an alien takeover. Whether they are a psychological thriller, a frightening horror movie or a scary movie with a touch of comedy, couples are sure to find a favorite pick that they both can enjoy. One part slasher and one part comedy of manners, American Psycho is a new American horror classic. Health inspector Matthew Bennell Donald Sutherland is one of the few humans to realize the truth and fight and fight back. Partain, Edwin Neal, Jim Some horror movies are a perfect choice for a date night. It has lots to say about consumerism and societal structures. The film takes its name from the song "Jeepers Creepers", which is featured in the film. To think, all this was supposed to be a vacation. Seems like a party trick until people actually start dying. But what grabs at you are the unexpected shocks. This is where factor 2 comes in.

Best scary movies to watch with a girl

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