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Like nobody can be trusted. She is pretty whiny when she gets hurt, but she also knows how to handle things on her own. He had to be in her bed with her -- along with two books, seven stuffed animals, and all the other junk we'll allow. On May 12, one Serie A match was temporarily suspended due to Roma fans singing a song mocking black players on the opposing team. Nell's a fiesty little thing. Psy What You Need: Wearing a bib probably isn't that bad of an idea though Fifty Shades of Grey.


Bow and arrow How To Act: Put on your finest Royal accent, hit on every babe you meet and, just as the Halloween party is ending, strip out of that costume and let it all hang loose while encouraging the vampires and warlocks to snap a picture on their cellphones. Every morning she gets a new diaper and picks out her clothes and marches around the house until she finds Ben. She can't just be one, she must be all three! She is the messiest eater! Earlier this evening she was picking every kind of plant that grows in our lawn and eating them and trust me, there is a lot more than grass out there. Swirl your fist in the air. You'll need a tie. Disco ball, snow machine or invisible lasso. She can be pretty defiant as well, always making me count all the way to three before dragging her out of the room. She is the Queen of making up nonsense words. Lately she's even been acting an awful lot like a baby. This came in stark contrast to the scenes that played out in other parts of the country last November, when a huge crowd of 30, people gathered to sang Psy's viral song at the Piazza del Popolo in Rome, while another 20, followed suit in front of the Duomo Cathedral in Milan. Successful with hidden personal demons. The Italian fans cheered for their respective teams and set off fireworks during his performance, but Psy still exited gracefully and thanked them before leaving the stage. Soon, everyone will be dancing. Reports also showed that many fans thought Psy was completely out of place and did not deserve to be there at such an occasion. Okay, now snap out of character and mingle with Spider-Man. In Downton Abbey, Violet Crawley is that character. She is pretty whiny when she gets hurt, but she also knows how to handle things on her own. On Sunday, tensions were at boiling point due to the importance of the Cup final for both sets of fans. Every period show with an ensemble cast needs a character that can galvanize the audience. Psy What You Need: That top photo of them standing in the water table is her reacting to Reid hitting her with that yellow cup, the bottom photo is her throwing the purple bucket at him. Edwardian jacket and dress, lace shirt How To Act: As the protagonist of The Hunger Games, the bestselling trilogy of books turned into film this year, Katniss has become a defining character for an entire generation.


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