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However, this constant state of thought generally disables them from multitasking and handicaps their ability to retain much to memory from outside influences. It is true, that the Capriquarius is in a constant state of thinking. If they learn to recognize the benefit even in negative experiences, they will go far. Hardworking, self-motivated, dedicated to the tasks and the work not necessarily the company or job. Then there is the second, more profound, open-minded, ever theological type who remains ever the theology scholar studying, absorbing, learning and processing the ideals, doctrines, facts, proverbs, prophets and philosophies of every spiritual guide, faith, belief and way drawing ever closer to a conclusion that may never come in their lifetime which suites the Capriquarius just fine. Quite simply, the Capriquarius is high-energy, low self-esteem.


Simply put, Capriquarians wear their hearts on their sleeves. They may be great philanthropists, or they may be selfish. The same passion and energy that shines through for positive things is the same passion and energy that is shone during an outburst. They are the ones we turn to when we seek parental solace — even when we know we did wrong, we just want to hear them say it and then the advice afterwards. However, not in the egotistical way one usually associates selfishness with. They like to be social, and love a good intellectual discussion. They are methodical, exacting and can manage well. The Capriquarius emote a strong intellect. On January 20, the born day for the Capriquarius, the planet Saturn is in Pisces. This ambition gives them a great deal of drive. They are the laughter in the silence and the silence in the chaos. This intellect brings also with it an almost hypnotic and irresistible mental attraction and will themselves become tenacious friends and lovers. Their amazing charisma is second only to their free spirit. They tend to think profoundly and deeply. Birth charts do not honor cusp signs, and usually categorize Capriquarians as Aquarians unless they were born before 8am. Individualism is essential to them as they will seek out ways to be an individual even if it means solitude. If deceived or lied to, their anger is terrible. They seek truth above all else. Briefly we have touched upon its complexity. While it can be said that the Capriquarius generally sees the world in a positive way, they are not naive to the truth that surrounds them. It comes and goes and is generally in regards to seemingly mundane and trivial matters that only the Capriquarius can see as an immediate importance. Instead, the Capriquarius, holding true to their worldly morals of virtue, tend to be selfish in ways that they perceive as a betterment for society. The truth is, they really are just trying to help. If they learn to recognize the benefit even in negative experiences, they will go far. When a Capriquarius responds in a negative outburst the reason is generally quite simple.


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