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Television series[ edit ] In , Teletoon announced a Doodlez television series to be released soon. Appeared in an episode where Dood was featured in a movie. The Green Arrow joins the Superfriends to stop him and to return things to normal. In an effort to send him home, Superman learns of his vulnerability to magic, while Phantom Girl puts her diplomatic skills to the test as she travels to the sorcerer's secretive world to ask for help. A female version of Hand who has only appeared in the Valentine's Day episode.


Musical Segment where Fairy Goofies are trapped by a evil boy. Miles and Merk the ostrich grow up to giant size in order to play football unfortunately it can't be appreciated because they don't have interactions with people, so let's use your imagination, sorry. A mouse with bad luck is living in the Bear house. A shutterbug who also makes Dood rich for a blast of ink. Bobby is influenced by a new boy named Anthony, to become bad after Derek bullied him so much. An opening for the show was released on KidMango along with a bit of the classic shorts. When they can't pay it, they are forced to work in a mine shaft. Eventually it is revealed that the crabby old lady is actually Janice as she would become if she spends her life on her own. He holds a clapperboard and barks as a dog in place of dialogue. A boy wishes to be a bird in order to avoid the school, so the teacher convert him into a bird and almost is trapped by two boys. Not precisely shrunk, but Emma exchanges bodies with a small bird and has some interactions with Pablo and Diego from Go Diego Go. Unfortunately, Penn accidentally zaps into the Least Dangerous World Imaginable, which leads to catastrophic results. However, a cat is on the loose and is eventually shrunk by Augie with his shrinking chemical. A random vandal of art, enjoys drawing mustaches on every piece with a person in it. However, it turns out that the entire journey was a dream, and that the babies never shrunk down. Television series[ edit ] In , Teletoon announced a Doodlez television series to be released soon. He also starred in "Dood. Replaced Hand in one episode, where the entire program was done on a computer, rather than the standard pad of paper. Pierre tries to avoid a cute boy called Pirlipipi who wants he tells a tale about witches, and he chases him even inside dreams where he becomes a giant boy for a moment. Giant children arrive on Earth and create destruction all over the city. Land Of The Pixies and pay the bill. Using his micro-wave reducer, mad Dr. Dipper and his sister arrive to a golf camp where there are small creatures. Thumbelina babysits Goldie and Bear. Tommy grows up to giant size. Gulliver and his dog are caught by the Lilliputian people, while they're recovering from the shipwreck, but afterwards they become great friends.


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  1. Lilliputians escape from their book and attack to Vir. We know it's not shrunken, but it's the closest scene, because this serie doesn't count with many shrinking scenes with boys.

  2. Even worse, a fly also inhaled the gas and is now growing to gigantic proportions and seems to be targeting Godzooky and Brock.

  3. When Penn discovers that Phyllis is trying to locate the Most Dangerous World Imaginable to bring his parents back to Middleburg, he takes matters into his own hands and attempts to zap into the dimension to rescue them himself.

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