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I returned to Thailand with 80 kilos of overweight luggage. The Romans had a saying that art is long and life is short. It is best to exhibit paintings on dividing walls within a building rather than on perimeter walls where temperature fluctuations will be greater and condensation can occur. Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent Hello and Welcome to my Art Gallery. What followed was an obvious scam on the part of Dmitry V. Mary Godfrey's humourous illustrations of life in Paros Island.


I was amazed at the quality of the work I saw. Feather dusters can scratch paintings. Lights that attach to the top of the frame and hang over the picture can be dangerous. We were able to respond relatively quickly. Art insurance expert Dirk Heinrich Yes, we likely would have had to pay. We will never compromise on quality, or the standard of our service to you, our customer. If you had insured the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, would you have to pay the damages? Simply choose the painting you want and go directly to our order form. Where do paintings like these end up - with wealthy private collectors who commission the thefts? The stance our art insurance company takes is very clear: I visited the usual temples and marveled at the sculptures I found, some of which dated back to the 15th century. Instead use soft, white-bristle Japanese brushes, sable such as a typical makeup brush , or badger-hair brushes called "blenders" and used for faux finishes. Although a fireplace is often a focal spot for a room, a painting displayed above a mantel will be exposed to soot, heat, and environmental extremes. As a small boy and during my university holidays I used to spend my time, whenever I could, visiting Museums and Art Galleries in Paris, Italy and Rome. If a painting could be maintained in an optimum environment, in one location at a constant temperature and humidity level, many of the problems requiring the services of a paintings conservator could be prevented. Every day, we get more than visitors on our site. In we were ready and we opened the first European Art Gallery in Thailand. Always carry it with the image side facing you. If that were the case, the objects would turn up after the buyer dies and the heirs go into the building where they're kept. A good storage method is to place the paintings in a closet with a stiff board protecting the image side of each artwork and a backing board attached to the reverse. Samples of some beautiful wild flowers of this Greek Island. So, in our website was born. But theft is not something that can be avoided altogether. Schulz, who has been involved in the network for a number of years and who lives and works part of the year on Paros. We always sell our stock paintings at one price.


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