Gay church in lagos

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The question, how will you react if your son tells you he is gay? At the time of his outing at 32, the vitriolic attack came from an unexpected quarter: He will not remain in the closet forever, he insists too. On my own volition, I told her the truth. Their stories——three narratives depicting three shades of responses from three families——give inside views on the real-life relationship between gay people and their families.

Gay church in lagos

Even if she denies me, must she deny her daughter? Because she caught him right in the act under her roof. They still hope that one day, I will come around. You cannot convert somebody by ostracizing him. Nonetheless, he is a disgrace, there is no way I will completely identify with him in public, especially if he fails to respond to efforts to bring him back to normalcy. He became an ordained minister on Sept. I will not totally blame him, but certainly, I will have to review his upbringing, the kind of peer group he mingled with or the kind of people I left the child with when they were little. I had prayed, fasted, done everything, to no avail. If he decides to be gay, he is on his own; he should quit bearing my name and I will banish him from my house. Back at home in the evening, we had a family meeting. Macaulay added officers and others who he suspect were journalists also tried to take pictures of him and others who were detained. When families arrive on this Golgotha, their reaction is dependent on mixed factors of religious morality, sense of social conformity and consciousness of social standing. Fair-skinned, slim and bespectacled, the soft-spoken youth lives with his family at Ogba, the Lagos suburb where he was raised, though he hails from Mbaise, Imo State. The film crew that interviewed him at his home recorded him in silhouette in an attempt to hide his identity. My sister first told my mum who woke me up in the night and asked me about it and I denied it. My faithfulness is solid. God will bless you with a wife. But I do not support totally ostracizing the fellow. But we are still close. Currently, he is a filmmaker, precisely a director and a stage actor. He will not remain in the closet forever, he insists too. In the long run, I think I would love to be with a woman. You cannot help one to become better by ostracizing him. They are my friends on Facebook so they get to see my posts. And for almost a decade, his mother was the scourge of his life.

Gay church in lagos

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