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As the market leader and leading transfer agent in India, we utilize various resources to deliver Basic, IT Enabled, High-end and Integrated Services which help in providing timely support to our investors. Points are calculated based on AUM of the distributors. This software provides access to customized to generate specific reports as per your requirements. The distributors are eligible to redeem these points at specified intervals. Besides providing technologically advanced features Karvy Computershare offers support to all channel partner distributors to place online investment transactions and track the confirmation feeds.


Asset Management Company AMC Services We believe technology and experience go hand-in-hand and we strive to bring innovative mutual fund investment solutions to our investors every day. To cater to the vast investor base that AMCs service, it has been our constant endeavor to scale up and meet the industry demands through our high standards of service. Operations and customer interaction are facilitated by highly skilled and dedicated manpower to deliver quality service, customer satisfaction and maintain standards across branches. In its capacity, the site aims at providing all the pre and post sale services to distributors which are essential to meet the investor's requirements. Risk Management and Compliance: Distributor Services Distributors play a vital role in achieving business goals in the Mutual Funds industry. To enhance our investor's mutual fund investment experience, our Karvy Computershare website has been designed with an easy-to-use interface to assist AMCs in accessing data that is readily available in standard formats that can be customized and ready to download. With a large service network available at more than locations, we offer unparalleled mutual fund investor services custom-made for our stakeholders. Audit and Compliance Investor Services With increasing opportunities on the horizon due to globalization, it has been our constant effort to offer innovative and technology - driven financial solutions to Investors. Through its superior technology platform, Karvy Computershare takes care of your complete transfer agency operations and fund administration meeting all regulatory changes, so that you can concentrate on developing a better business model. Our web application - KBOLT, a front end application, through which transactions are processed from the branches has been developed keeping in view the time and cost reduction benefits. This tool is a multi-manager funds service and empowers distributors to transact up to the cut-off time from their offices without any geographic limitation. The AMCs are well equipped with centralized processing zones for key areas to simple the process. Karvy Computershare, over a period of 10 years, has emerged as the right partner for providing solutions for alternative investment managers. Asset Management Companies exclusive service: The website hosts the Partner Loyalty Program which recognizes and rewards distributors for their work and commitment. Karvy Computershare complies with all the standards set by regulators. Broadly our services cover: The distributors are eligible to redeem these points at specified intervals. These reports make it easy for the investor and distributor to keep a track of all their transactions. Online transaction channel partner support: MIS and Decision Support: The decision making process is simplified by the distributors which greatly assists investors in choosing schemes that work best for them. With a reach of more than branches, Karvy Computershare constantly strives to offer top-notch 'over the counter' services to investors. To ensure clarity and transparency, regular client meetings are held with the AMCs.


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  1. Not to mention the enormous pressure of meeting regulatory requirements and building a strong and compliant business structure.

  2. We provide a range of technology driven initiatives to empower AMCs grow business and cut costs.

  3. It is the first of its kind where the requirement is to design, develop and execute the end-to-end module starting from creating web based applications and till providing access to all stake holders including investors. Karvy Computershare complies with all the standards set by regulators.

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