Libra man in bed with aquarius woman

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He always needs his space and peace, especially when he is out of one of his tiring schedules. She relishes and adores a good friendship and gives to it just what she expects to get in return. Minus the occasional hiccup, the high level of similarities between these two air signs make any relationship between them promising. These traits can be explained away in a dedicated love match. He wants to spend as much time as possible with people who are close to him. Depending on which way the wind blows, that charming Libra man or wild Aquarius woman may end up being your ideal soulmate. There is no way this sits well with Aquarius Woman, who resents any sort of imposition on her free spirit or being told what to do. After all, who is more irresistible than the Aquarius woman? In fact, a simple romantic gesture gets her every time.

Libra man in bed with aquarius woman

It will warm the atmosphere. He likes to maintain a balance in everything he does and that includes love too. This pair is so genuinely fond of each other that the lousy companions of jealousy, ego and lust are mercifully absent from their courtship. Aquarius has enough persistence to open up Libra's slightly kinky side. Libra will provide the structure and accountability, where Aquarius will provide the surprises and excitement. The Libra man is known as one of the most outstanding zodiac signs. She sees breaking the rules as her mission in life — he just wonders why. He wants to see the situation from all possible angles before concluding what would be best done, and that can be incredibly hard for his Aquarius woman. Program this guy into your holodeck and wait for him to manifest in your arms. There is nothing boring about her, even the way he met her was so unexpected. Aquarius women can occasionally be pretty domineering and opinionated at work if they are in a leadership position or under the threat of heavy criticism. Her fixed nature means she can find it hard to forgive him for failing to meet their ideals. Because they are both so easily hurt by one another due to the enormity of love they give, the fragile equilibrium of their sexual intimacies must be dealt with carefully. The Libra man sometimes knows to be changeable and indifferent, but he will never spill on his woman Aquarius. Working Together Libra men are all about teamwork and cooperation and, thus, excel whenever they are in a team environment or not forced to work alone. Regardless of her sometimes confusing mind changes, these two make up for it every time. A Libra man is charismatic, and he knows how to use this characteristic in his favor. The drive of the Libra man to avoid disagreements with his woman Aquarius, coupled with his need for intellectual freedom, can sometimes lead to indecision. They can naturally understand exactly where one another is coming from and where they are both trying to get to, even if that place is nowhere at all. He works himself to death trying to impress people, trying to make them like him and worrying about getting everything done that needs to get done. They find their connection lasts the distance, lightyears in fact, in a near soulmate connection. Nearly everything in life can be attributed to some greater purpose, at least in her mind. They are both idealists, but they will begin to idealize one another, after the fact. They are both very clever and enjoy playing practical jokes on one another, there is rarely a dull moment around these two. On the wings of commitment, their love flies; soaring higher and higher, and touching the skies! The relationship can be solid as platinum.

Libra man in bed with aquarius woman

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  1. They will nurture and love Libra while enjoying a natural mental connection. They are both idealists, but they will begin to idealize one another, after the fact.

  2. There is a harmony and easygoing satisfaction to their sex life that stays mainly in the domain of soft, lovemaking but can venture into the taboo. The risk is far outweighed by the reward.

  3. When Libra man and Aquarius woman are already in bed, the Aquarius woman can touch his butt constantly - The Libra man adores that.

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