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A lot of work and a lot of laughs. I want all shapes and sizes, ages, and personalities. Make sure you know who you are getting your info from. Each session will be minutes. Manuela worked closely with me to reintroduce and adapt exercise to my life while considering my limitations.


We will provide nutrition education and the motivation to follow through. You know as well as I, that there are many fad diet and programs on the market today. Show up to your fitness appointments and do the work. Eat the meal plan. We've been blessed to watch many, many lives change in a big way right before our eyes, and feel very lucky to have been part of each one. Even going just once a week I feel fitter, healthier and motivated. We have mastered the concept of combining both the mental and physical concepts to ensure you achieve your goal. We want to show it to you. But you have designed the sessions so I feel successful at each session. To learn more about our one-on-one personal training, please call us at or register for a complimentary trial membership. We are passionate and care about giving you the best possible experience. There will be workbooks that MUST be completed each week. So what is it? It is more like a Golden Ticket. YOU can do this. Plus Manuela is so happy and positive that it is fun. Any one of us has got some talents, we just need to find out where they are, what they enjoy in life, how can we bring more laughter back into life. Manuela offers wealth of knowledge as well as a unique mix of personal mentoring and coaching. Give everything a go, but only pursue the ones that make you smile. Our trainers understand this and know how to build a workout that will work for you and your specific goals. If you do miss a session you must follow through by reading the material and completing a workbook each week. What have you got to lose? You are an amazing PT. I have even made new friends who keep me motivated. She considers my age, my size, my strengths, my weaknesses and then pushes me — hard! YOU will be empowered and educated to live strong, healthy, and happy. We may use collected data for program evaluation and future My-FIT program advertisements, however, your names will remain confidential.


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