Sex with kelly brook

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Natural fibres are the best option for sleepwear as they're the most comfortable in terms of maintaining body temperature and allowing your skin to breathe. Once again it has that unisex appeal that can look alluring on a female body. Use eyedrops to make your eyes glisten. What I love about being a woman is the variety of options available for us to wear when we go to bed. To buy a copy for Like us on Facebook.

Sex with kelly brook

Feminine charm is at its best when you maintain an air of mystery, so take some time to master the art of undressing. Turn slightly when posing for a picture so you're not front-on. He's interested in the sparkle in your eyes, the smile you break into when he pays you a compliment and the way your body responds to his. Hiking, swimming and riding your bike are also great. So, if you have the chance, enjoy a long soak and use a lightly fragranced moisturiser or body oil before getting dressed. Heels throw your body into a more feminine stance, as well as giving the illusion of longer legs. Contrary to popular opinion, men also seem to love girls in classic PJs - they're not threatening and I think they like the contrast of something that's traditionally designed for men against the curves of a woman's body. However, I do think there is something incredibly seductive about freshly bathed, delicately scented skin. No one is symmetrical, so figure out which is your best side and offer it to the camera. Whether you undress for your man or he undresses you, take it slowly and enjoy discovering what lies beneath, and remember to wear beautiful, soft-to-the-touch clothing that feels good against the skin, such as velvet, cashmere, Angora or satin. Avoid alcohol and caffeine for a fortnight. Keep your chin down slightly. But I do recommend going for per cent cotton. And they have the added bonus of making your legs look longer and slimmer, as well as making you stand taller - metaphorically speaking - which always gives a bit of a confidence boost. Not the couple of pounds you think you gained in the last fortnight or the tiny bit of cellulite on your thighs. Early morning and early evening are what is known in the photography world as the "magic hours", when the sun is low and glowing. To buy a copy for The classic pin-up pose is to put one leg in front of the other, slightly bent, as it elongates and narrows your silhouette. Standing by a window can throw a lovely soft light on your skin. The summer version of the classic PJ - cotton boxer shorts with a ribbed singlet - is also a brilliant option. Ok, so you don't want a fluorescent strip-light illuminating the bedroom, but subtle candlelight can be incredibly flattering. If you're ready to get intimate, you should revel in the fact that he wants to be with you and enjoy the confidence this should bring with it. For me, exercise has to be about having fun in the fresh air rather than being a grind you hate - and what I love best is just dancing. Exfoliate and moisturise regularly so your skin is in tip-top condition. I've yet to meet a man who doesn't love seeing a near-naked woman in heels.

Sex with kelly brook

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  1. If you get chilly at night, natural fibres are best - silk is renowned for its thermal qualities, so if you can get silk jersey pyjamas, you're on to a winner. Avoid alcohol and caffeine for a fortnight.

  2. Top tips for a body beautiful Pilates is great for toning your body, lengthening your muscles and flattening your midriff. Feminine charm is at its best when you maintain an air of mystery, so take some time to master the art of undressing.

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