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There is danger that we will end up medicated to live; there is also danger we will accept disadvantage of natural inequality and our natural limitations and use drugs to support these rather than seek a better future. What would you choose? It enables transfer of property, protects against sexually transmitted diseases, and enables rearing of young. These are all legitimate concerns. Yet in the last 10, years our societies have radically changed under the influence of agriculture, urbanisation and property ownership. What would your partner choose? Through most of human history, people lived only 20 to 35 years.


In this way, love drugs are liberating, or at least can be. And when it comes to mating behaviour, we are very similar to other mammals. What should you choose? Actively decide for yourself. The beneficial effects are modest. Through most of human history, people lived only 20 to 35 years. Yet evolution has constructed our motivational systems and emotions, making any ethics or social system that goes counter to these constraints unstable. After a course, they got around one extra sexually rewarding experience a month, though in some individual cases the effects would have been greater. Free will is to a considerable extent an illusion. Most marriages ended by one of the partners dying. They require a combination of engagement, action and sometimes biological assistance. But love drugs can increase the probably of those events occurring, in the right context. There is concern it could be used coercively in abusive relations, and finally that it reflects an unrealistic standard of hypersexuality promoted by media and pornography. In this ten-part series , we examine some major changes in family and relationships, and how that might in turn reshape law, policy and our idea of ourselves. Divorce has surpassed death as the major cause of relationship break up. Do it together, according to agreed relationship goals. They could be used for abuse. He or she will grant you three special Valentine wishes. It is the Wild West. That is how long our species has been in existence. Long- or short-term relationship, children or no children, monogamy or polygamy. Monitor the effect of enhanced love on these other values. It enables transfer of property, protects against sexually transmitted diseases, and enables rearing of young. Use the knowledge of human psychology, sociology and biology to achieve these, including in the future, designer love drugs. There is no recipe or answer which is right for everyone. They allow us some cognitive control over our most basic drives, which are so prone to factors outside of our control.


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  1. And we are richer than ever before, seeking relationships for love, not socioeconomic reasons. For example, the longer you look at someone, the more you will find them attractive.

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