Sureno nicknames list

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Kitty and any other kind of cat! Their primary focus is the distribution of various forms of narcotics and carrying out orders handed by the Mexican Mafia. Coon If he is calculating, smart, and sneaky, a nickname of coon is a perfect match. Baby Blue This is great for a blue-eyed friend of yours. Missy This is a perfect nickname for a sassy friend of yours.

Sureno nicknames list

Baby Blue This is great for a blue-eyed friend of yours. Bug This is another nickname for a small girl that can get annoying at times. Vito This is a nickname for pretty much any friend of yours that acts like a gangster. Nicknames for Girls If your friend is a girl and acting like a tough-chick gangster, then you should definitely call her something on this list of gangster nicknames. Stiletto Does she walk around in high heals at all hours of the day? Then call him Rock. Kitty and any other kind of cat! If your friend is the gangster type or likes to act like they are, then these nicknames will be perfect for them. Books This is a nickname for your friend that is really good at accounting and bookkeeping. They have a small presence in the Midwest, specifically in Chicago. Flamingo Is she tall and love pink? Baby A great nickname for a young gangster friend. Recluse A tough guy that likes to be completely along and solitary, Recluse is the nickname for him. The Prophet If he someone that likes to make predictions and is often right, then this name is for him. Ruby This is for a girl that is so special, she reminds you of a ruby. But this is a place where I can come in and find out about them without having to actually drive down and see it first hand - even though I would like to do just that - and I do everytime I visit someone or get invited to a party somewhere, I also be always looking to spark up a conversation with anyone I meet, at work, at the park, friends of friends, friends of family, etc. Bones Is he the type to be so threatening that they scare you down to the bone? Ice T was one of its early practitioners. Smuggie Any friend of yours that smuggles any kind of material, then this one is for him. You can use Gangster and Rapper Generators on social media. Games Does she play games? King If he acts like royalty and bosses everyone around, then this is clearly a perfect nickname for him. Then call him this. They do bad things. Butcher Is he ruthless? The most famous of these is the Ku Klux Klan.

Sureno nicknames list

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  1. Snake Eyes Any sneaky friend of yours that has calculating eyes would fit this nickname perfectly.

  2. Kitty If she seems sweet and innocent but can bring out the claws, call her this. Snake Eyes Any sneaky friend of yours that has calculating eyes would fit this nickname perfectly.

  3. On August 24, , a law enforcement preliminary injunction terminated the active members of the 38th Street gang, out of the streets, banning them from using firearms, alcohol, graffiti and other dangerous materials in public.

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