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I had a radiator in my Infinity that needed repair the day after New Years, and Michael and his team had it done the same day! I highly recommend Trust! Blocked fluid may freeze as it backs into your gutters, pushing against the structure of the roof and then finding its way underneath the shingles damaging the wood, and cause even more leakage. I highly recommend Trust Auto Repair. The shop is close to my work and they were finished in less than 30 minutes - even with the fact that I needed an extra belt. His work is on part with any body's but with a fair price.


Gutters that fall will be pricey enough to be replaced by themselves, not forgetting all windows or lights they smash when they come falling down. As a window cleaning and janitorial professional I have seen my share of hard water. He was very up front on costs, timelines, and showed me the issues before he took the task on. An honest shop that isn't trying to get me for every penny I have. From my family to yours.. He knows what hes doing and does it right! Click on a logo below to leave us a review on your favorite site. The shop is close to my work and they were finished in less than 30 minutes - even with the fact that I needed an extra belt. Schedule your appointment today! Mike stands by his work. I can't recommend them highly enough and wish I could give them more than five stars. This takes just a few minutes and we appreciate you taking the time to do this. He will get all my future business. He let me know outright what it was going to cost to have the brake pads replaced and machining the rotors along with the full cost including the oil change. This avoided a much higher repair bill down the road. I had two cars needing repair over the last week of Mike and his team are so nice and welcoming. He is quick to help and trustworthy. He was generous enough to stay late and allow me to pick up my vehicle after closing. Taught me a thing or two about my old van and got everything done quick! Mike and John were able to decipher all the weird things that had previously been done to the car. I'm so glad we found them. I felt very comfortable and at ease with him working on my vehicle, not searching out additional issues or suggestions to try to increase my final bill as I have had happen at other businesses. Also, it had been poorly assembled. In both instances, Mike was open with the steps being taken, and the charges to expect, doing a great job managing the client's expectations. It's hard to find a good mechanic that you can trust and I'm grateful to have found one in Mike. If you regularly get up there, it may be a breeze and you will keep the Hoover dam from forming inside the gutters.


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