U2 sad songs

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In the context of their career, that means various things at various times. The acts are more important than words. For a long time, U2 were capable of that. When the little counter-narrative songs trickle out from that sort of phase, they begin to feel more like missed chances than the illuminating detours behind their greatest work. So that was it; here was this fully formed, new idea of what U2 was, with some of the best songs of their career. It would still be big news, and would still be written about everywhere. I do and I think it almost never fails. There are a handful of famous U2 songs that almost come off as covers at first. After the laboriousness of the hooks on Songs Of Innocence, it makes you yearn for the days where U2 were comfortable enough to simply toss off a pocket-sized anthem like this one.

U2 sad songs

Creatively speaking, aspiring to an album-as-event is, mostly, something admirable. This is an essential U2 song, period. So if music is your only company, join me in reading this list of U2 songs for the broken-hearted. Life is not a fairytale or a movie with a happy ending. I mean this as a fan, and in the least cynical way possible, but you can see their efforts to remain ubiquitous. If only Bono and the Edge had come out of that Spider-Man on Broadway debacle with a song as good as this. You could take it as peaceful, prayer-like. You might not have loved everything they were up to in the past, either, but that U2 clearly knew how to steer their ship. U2 was just tossing little mini-epics off at this point, making it look like it was nothing. They know what they are, and they are trying to stay that way. But I wanted to remind myself of why that magnitude matters, to dig back and remember the highs that make them who they are. And, on some level, they might know that. Also, makes sense this is such a ridiculously good B-side, if it had the bones of those three songs in it. U2 might be a band in crisis, in terms of their identity. I confess I like people who care for me and express that. There was some great stuff on there, and you could hear glimmers of a strange and beautiful late-period U2 album, but the final product felt non-committal. You could be living with someone and yet still feel distant. It results in tentative returns to more experimental times like No Line On The Horizon ; it results in albums that sound focus-grouped to death like Songs Of Innocence. Currently, U2 is in the midst of an immense eight-night residency at Madison Square Garden. This is the 75th in a "U2 Lists" series, where U2 staffers pick a topic and share their personal rankings on something U2-related. It would still be big news, and would still be written about everywhere. In the last decade, it often feels as if U2 are telling us their album is an event, instead of simply making it one. This was a very different U2 than the one we came to know — the one that was experimenting with atmospherics significantly for the first time in their career. Most of us suffer in love. This is one of the best songs U2 ever wrote. At least in recent years, U2 come off as too much of a complicated business mechanism to allow for such spontaneity. Who knows what they left behind in the editing process in the last decade.

U2 sad songs

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  1. This was a very different U2 than the one we came to know — the one that was experimenting with atmospherics significantly for the first time in their career.

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