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In mainstream media coverage it appeared as if the meeting between Merkel and Trump was futile because nothing had happened, but in truth, Trump achieved nothing, yet Merkel and her Teflon style achieved everything. Johnstone and ask her about it. Such technological advance would be beneficial in any case, but I absolutely see it as a possibility that in a not too distant future, Germany might have to fight off the occupation forces of the United States. Ironically, during the Cold War the Anglo-American occupiers gave West Germany much more freedom than they did afterwards or try to withhold now. If I do that' I'll also ask her about independent research from hers that addresses this. Johnstone replied with a less certain answer about Scotch-Irish origin than the cites I gave above would indicate. The US is as isolated as it has never before been in its history, standing there with egg in their face, brooding and fuming over why no one loves them anymore. These are just my own personal observations of American businessmen, not of Americans in general, and surely not meant to offend anyone except American businessmen perhaps. But except for breaking up Yugoslavia, none of it was in the interest of German power politics, not even slicing Kosovo out of Serbia.


Our military alpha mom Ursula von der Leyen and her buddies from all the Atlanticist think tanks always talk about that if Germany wants to take more international responsibility, it will need more military power for reassurance, usually followed by the snippy remark to stop leaving the dirty work to others. They like to pretend something else was agreed upon if they want to see a deal altered, or that it was a misunderstanding, or whatever. These are just my own personal observations of American businessmen, not of Americans in general, and surely not meant to offend anyone except American businessmen perhaps. I doubt Merkel was delusional enough to think otherwise. Johnstone and ask her about it. Now that Germany has started to build the pipeline, the usual suspects, that is the UK, Denmark and what I like to refer to as the Idiot Belt Baltics, Poland, Ukraine, often extended by the Scandinavian countries — Finland has permitted construction though are going bezerk, trying to sue for stopping the project etc. With Germans, or Europeans in general, you have to deal differently if you want to achieve something. Russia is an absolutely reliable partner relying on revenue from that gas, so where is the problem? Right now, Warshington makes the impression of a narcissistic bully ready to go off at any moment, while his friends are turning away one by one in shrugging nonchalance. The cranky bully and the happy lackey Is it any wonder the US is cranky? Had Germany been in the lead, the Middle East would still be intact. The worst thing to do in the face of a narcissist is to succumb to their ways as it just enables them. My father and his siblings spoke what I though was simply bad English, however I now realize that it was an accent transported from Ireland a la The Great Famine. Seeking reassurance that the Americans are willing to frack their country to Swiss cheese for their LPG energy security? I'll update if I hear from him. Either way, the bottom line of the meeting is: She seems to be pretty enthusiastic about the subject, so maybe I'll receive a reply. It could also satisfy the powerful German arms industry as it would mean big domestic contracts as a substitute to unmet Atlanticist demands. Why buy terribly expensive foreign hardware and be left behind technologically when you can develop your own and both use and sell it? Russia has never used its gas or oil to pressure the EU into anything. Year by year, Germany and China switch places as the world richest exporter. Nah, remember the knee. If I hear form her, I'll post it here. Second, never expect them to keep their promises. German-Russian cooperation — that which must not, can not be One word about Nord Stream 2. Trump desperately wants to create jobs — or so he says, he is actually destroying them should trade tariffs be implemented — so he seeks to sell weapons because what he and his employers really want is to strengthen the notoriously weak US military industrial complex. Europe is dependent on Russian gas, that is simply a reality.


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