Without you lyrics

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So "on a bed of nails she makes me wait". The first includes abstracts shots of dancer and Edge's future wife Morleigh Steinberg edited in between shots of the band playing the song. I like that kind of sophistication [ He made religious comparisons to the musical arrangement, saying the "discerning air sounds almost church-like as it slowly unravels". In effect, Bono is a Christian evangelist in the rock and roll world. The "dark lady" is wasting away in her current relationship.

Without you lyrics

The sequenced beat was chosen to give the song a feeling of discipline, so that when Mullen's acoustic drums enter the song, "they mean something", in Lanois' words. I find the ones that do the best job and that's what I use. I thought that was really visionary. So, it's a song of hope and sadness - two opposites - like with and without. The man is also suffering from the fact that his "dark lady" is not making a decision as to whether she will leave her current situation to be with him or not. These lyrics are far more denser then "just" a relationship drama. Flag Hobbinho on September 19, 0 I think he can't live "with her" because of another relational situation, but he's stuck in a lose-lose situation, since he can't "live without her" either. I know this sounds all crazy religious, but I really think this is closer to the truth of the song Reception[ edit ] Rolling Stone called it an "inventively arranged tune But as humans, we have free will, so Jesus can't "force" us to do good - his hands are tied. I suppose I'm a minimalist instinctively. This piece of gear would have failed even the most basic of safety regulations. It's the one part everybody's avoiding Flag Floyddead on January 05, 0 Oddly enough Im reading this book about fallen angels and this song keeps popping into my head everytime the angel sees the girl he's been waiting for. You have totally misunderstood Bono. United States radio stations were allowed to play the song at According to Lanois, "I said, 'That sounded pretty cool,' so we listened back and I said, 'Jesus it's better than I thought. She also seems to be unhappy in her current situation. Like on the end of 'With or Without You'. Make sure you've read our simple tips Hey! Lillywhite, who wanted a more mainstream approach to his mix, favoured "a little more crash, bang" sound to Mullen's drums that enter later in the song, while Eno preferred that the drums remain "more mysterious and more supportive". During this time, a rough demo of "With or Without You" was written, with lead vocalist Bono composing the song's chord sequence. Flag Discerner on February 16, 0 I think you're on the right track, Discerner. You constantly fall and sin and "give away" that good things of yourself to immorality and evil. Write song meaning Type your knowledge till "Good-o-meter" shows "Awesome! My instinct was to go with something very simple [ Gavin Friday, having helped the band complete the track, disagreed and thought it would be a "certain No.

Without you lyrics

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